Food Pantry Sponsorship Information

If you would like to join the family and help out a great community please read the follow sponsorship info and fee's


Pantry Dates and Hours:

First Wednesday

  • Time:
  • 8am Staff arrival
  • 10am Ticket handout
  • 12pm Food distribution

Third Wednesday

  • Time:
  • 12pm Staff Arrival
  • 2pm Ticket handout
  • 4pm Food distribution

Start-up Fee/ first month:

  • $150 upfront.

Remaining Months:

  • $60 monthly

One time upfront yearly payment :

  • $810 Yearly

Reminder we are a Non-Profit Organization, all proceeds go into the Pantry. For example:

  1. Truck Rental
  2. Food Purchase
  3. Pantry Miscellaneous

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Online Payments

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